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Extra Deep Pocket Fitted Sheets – Made with 100% cotton

Updated: Nov 18

The extra deep pocket fitted sheets are one of the most desirable products as many people want such fitted sheets that fit perfectly on their mattress which contains extra thickness. Many people become confused with the term "extra deep pocket". So, let's first understand the meaning of this term.


The extra deep pocket fitted sheets are used on the mattress that has a high height; if you have a mattress of high height in your bedroom then you have to buy the extra deep pocket fitted sheet because a normal fitted sheet will not fit perfectly on your mattress. The normal height mattresses do not require extra deep pocket bed sheets but a high-mattress needs a deep pocket fitted sheet. These fitted sheets have a huge capacity than the other fitted sheets. Sometimes, we use the normal-sized bed sheets on a larger mattress, and as a result of which the sheet comes off the mattress when we even sit on the bed. That is why many people prefer the extra deep pocket fitted sheets on their high-height mattresses.

Qualities of the extra deep pocket fitted sheets:

100% cotton product

The deep pocket fitted sheets are made with pure cotton and provide more softness for better sleep. It is hypoallergic which protects you from any skin problems such as irritations or infections and it becomes softer with every wash. Although there are many types of fabrics but cotton is said to be the best when it comes to bedding.

Availability of different colors

These deep pocket bed sheets are available in many colors such as white, navy blue, black, grey, etc. All these colors are in trend and do not get dull even after multiple washes. These sheets come in both solid and stripe patterns. If you want a classy look of the room then you can select the solid sheets and if you want a stylish look then you can go for the stripe fitted sheets. For providing your bed a decent look you can add a bed skirt in tailored, stripe, gathered, and ruffled patterns.

The sizes for the extra deep pocket fitted sheets

  • 25-inch deep pocket fitted sheet - This 25-inch extra deep pocket sheet fits perfectly on the thick mattress and as well as on a regular-sized mattress.

  • 30-32 inch deep pocket fitted sheet - If you have a 32-inch mattress then this 30-32 inch deep pocket fitted sheet will fit ideally on the mattress.


Twin bed sheet size 39” x 75”, full bedsheet size 54” x 75”, king size 78” x 80”, twin xl size 39” x 80”, California king size 72” x 84”, queen size 60” x 80” are the sizes for the extra deep pocket fitted sheets.

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